As a self employed business owner, there is nothing I hate and LOVE more than Facebook. But over the last year I have often dreamed off getting off Facebook and for good. But with all the social media I am doing, would it really be "blogging" suicide?

Here are some of the voices in my head...do they sound like the voices in your head too? I thought I would use some of my beloved Some E Cards to tell a story in photos......we can always use a good laugh.

1.You can’t trust Zuckerberg

Facebook has gathered all the news feed interactions (and even on people who didn't "consent" to it) to develop a report on how Facebook can manipulate people's emotions. Really?  I know I can get emotional about Facebook but to me this is just one example of Facebook doing some unethical shit and use of public information. But hey, we signed up for it, right? Guilty.

Is this disturbing or am I being over reactive?  (Facebook Reveals News Feed Experiment To Control Emotions)

2. Facebook pisses you off

Well, maybe not pisses you off but it turns out that a recent study by the Department of Behavioral Science at Utah Valley University found that Facebook makes us views our lives negatively. Why do we do this to ourselves?

Case in point: Everyone always says “Look at Me!!" or what I call "peacocking". But have you ever really heard anyone say "I just caught my husband screwing his best friend’s wife”....Or would they? (Hell, maybe they would).

So why does Facebook piss you off? You always think someone has it better than you...right? Bullshit. I call this the “highlight reel”. People like to naturally peacock and show off and we always think folks have way better lives than we do.  I do it too but I thought that was what you do on social media? No? Ok note to self: New rule for 2015. Less peacocking for me personally. If I start to do it too much, call me out on it, ok?

3. You really won’t miss it

So from time to time, when I have HUGE projects to complete, I do what I call “Facebook Detox”. In other words, I deactivate for several weeks at a time. Holy shit. I’m so fucking productive. And then I find myself getting pissed off when I reactivate. Not because I don't want to talk to friends online but because I know it’s going to be a huge time suck…which leads to #4.

4. Facebook is a huge time suck!

I once taught a class where the room was packed full...about 200 people. We were having fun, learning lots of really amazing new makeup looks and laughing like crazy. Those of you who teach know what I'm talking about. The energy was so good you wanted to keep teaching. 
During this class I watched this one particular "makeup artist" sit through my entire class scrolling through her facebook posts. She wasn't participating and had this sourpuss look on her face. Turned out after class I find out that she was only there because her salon "forced" her to be there. Wow. I was (and wasn't) shocked. So instead of actually learning something and having some skills she could use to make herself more money, she was too consumed about what going on on Facebook. That or maybe I'm lying to myself that maybe my class was boring and that class was a huge time suck for her.... You be the judge.

5. Facebook hides your posts

If you have a biz page, forget it. You won't be seen unless you advertise or people are subscribed to your page. Then again the rules of engagement change every fucking day and how can you even keep up? 

Currently I have 2 pages and I basically have been turned off by sharing info on there.  Why? I feel like posting on my wall these days is a complete time suck because what's the point? The only way a biz page is going to get the type of engagement that you had back in 2010 is to pay for it. Which is fine, Facebook has to make money. My point is, no one is really ever going to see it unless friends start commenting or sharing and then you get more views.  So unless you really write some witty or clever shit, be prepared to NOT be seen on your facebook pages. And some of us work. I got into the biz to be a makeup artist, instead I am anything but....can you relate? I wish I could spend my time in other ways. Like actually being with my clients.

6. It really DOESN'T help your biz.

Now before I say this, I do have a lot of people who say it does help their business and a lot. And maybe for me personally in 2010 that was true.

One day I decided to play the "Facebook Game". I absolutely love social experiments and paid to have my page get more fans a couple of years ago. So you know how you see the Facebook advertisment "Get more Likes for your Page?" NEVER EVER do it. 

I started to promote my biz page I quickly found my audience indeed was growing. I went from 1800 of my own "fans" to 3,500 overnight. WOW! COOL! Right? Wrong.

Turns out the new demographic of my audience was men 21-34 in Pakistan. I mean, I know I’m sexy but really? Nothing like Facebook adding fake followers to your account to force you to pay for advertising. So now when I post a story on my wall, I don't see the type of engagement I had previously because only a % of my likes will actually see my post. Bollocks.

In the end, my Facebook'ing is really more of a habit instead of an actual need. Turns out I get way more engagement from other social media outlets than Facebook. But that's just one woman's experience.  But tell me, do you DREAM of getting off facebook like me?

Let me hear your thoughts! gO!