Today on Glossible, I have the most ridiculously beautiful wedding photos to show you. 

When makeup artist Tricia Clark posted on our Glossible Facebook group, I begged her to let me showcase it. Is that wrong? 

Could this couple be ANY CUTER? The makeup is absolutely perfect for her!  Read more on how Tricia got her bride "red carpet ready".


Name: Tricia Clarke
Email :
Instagram: @triciaclarkemakeup
Facebook: Tricia Clarke Makeup

City & State:
Chicago, IL (I live in the suburbs, and work in Chicago, Milwaukee and Lake Geneva, WI) Actually, I will work anywhere, if it's worth it!

What is your expertise?:
I'm a Makeup Artist, and I started offering special event hair-styling 2 years ago, because I absolutely love it. And greedily, I wanted to be able to create an entire bridal beauty look! (I use hot tools and and do teasing and braiding, basically!--NO cuts, color, processing!!!)

What inspired you to create this look?:

Ally, the bride, really knows her own style, which is a good thing, because we did not do a bridal trial! I know Ally from college and we have mutual friends, but she'd booked another (closer friend) artist for her wedding. The other artist had to back out at the last minute, so I was contacted. Her wedding was on a Sunday, and I was available!

More to the point, the bride has a striking platinum pixie hair cut, and we really just wanted to enhance her full lips and sultry eyes. Her color palette for the wedding was luscious and verdant with greens, warm peaches, and pinks, and she made all the flower arrangements herself! Her venue was all white and full of light, and then she filled it with flowers and metallic accents. I wanted to echo that in her look, and bring in the blush and soft, peachy-corals that her bridesmaids were wearing. I kept her eyes neutral, but did a stronger eyeliner with a "baby wing" (her request) and a warm pink lip.

What products did you use?:
Unlike most of my brides, I don't have a detailed face chart for Ally, since we didn't do a trial. I know I used these products, but if it feels like something is missing, it's probably because I can't remember for certain!

Skin Prep: 
MAC Lightful-C Marine Bright Formula Softening Lotion (preps the skin for moisturizer)
Embryolisse Filaderme Emulsion (gives the skin moisture and a healthy, non-oily sheen)
Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream (it absorbs quickly)

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer in Light --I really wanted a velvety finish before I went in with foundation, so I used this on top of the Embryolisse
Kett Fixx Cream Color in Mai-Tai used as Cream blush, under foundation
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl for a very subtle, gold gleam on top of cheekbones
Kett Hydro Foundation , applied with Kett Jett airbrush system

I always custom blend for my brides, and use mostly the Hydro Olive shades, I believe this was a mix of O3 with a dab of O1 (but it was last year and I didn't have time to take notes!)
ABH Contour Kit under cheekbones (forgive me, Glossible, I have sinned)
Kett Sett Loose Powder to set the complexion
MAC Powder Blush--I don't recall which one, but I always layer cream and powder blush for my brides--Chicago summer is NO JOKE
I used Skindinavia Bridal Finish at the end to seal the whole look

TooFaced Shadow Insurance Primer
MAC Eyeshadows
Lise Watier Waterproof Eye Pencil in lash bed and along lash line
Strip lashes by Eylure--or Monda Studio
Bobbi Brown Gel LIner in Espresso
Cover Girl Lashblast Waterproof Mascara in Black
Brows--Anastasia Beverly HIlls Brow Palette

Custom blended MAC pencils and lipsticks--probably Dervish pencil and Chatterbox lipstick primarily

Bdellium Tools, MAC

Special Tricks: I had just discovered Bdellium Tools bent eyeliner brushes, and they are, in my experience, the best. I keep a stash of the pink bambu ones in my kit so I can always execute the perfect, pointy eyeliner wing! And I always use them with the Bobbi Brown gel liners.

What were some of the challenges you faced?:
The bride's skin is not very smooth, and has some pigmentation. I wanted to give her a look that photographed well and looked healthy, without caking on product. I really worked Embryolisse Filaderme Emulsion into her skin and let it soak in while I did her eyes. This was before Sonia Roselli's WaterBalm ;) (which is a kit staple now!)

Secret Weapons!
I like to layer cream and powder formulas to give my brides long-lasting looks that will still be fresh after hours of photos, kissing and dancing. Although we prepped inside, I knew she would be taking photos and dancing and hanging out outside, and it was a steamy September day in Chicago! I was glad when I heard that everyone's makeup still looked good hours later. Typically I do skin prep, cream blush and highlighter, airbrush foundation, setting powder, powder blush and bronzer/subtle contour, then setting spray. I got confirmation that this works well when I attended my cousin's wedding and was on the dance floor with my aunt 16 hours after doing her makeup. She still looked great, and that moment was very validating.

What was your biggest fear with this wedding?
Going into a wedding with no trial is a big no-no for me. I want to know that the bride and I have worked together to determine what look will be perfect for her wedding day, and we didn't have the chance. I wanted her to feel radiant and gorgeous!

How long have you been a makeup artist?:
Professionally, since 2009. I started in cosmetics retail, working in a busy boutique. While that didn't educate me very much in terms of artistry (although some of the other employees were very gifted, and I learned by observing), the opportunity to have thousands of faces to work on over the years was profound.

Some things you just have to learn on-the-spot and in a trial-by-fire (or eyelash glue), so to speak.

When my son was born three years ago, I decided I needed to have more control over my schedule, and I was dying to focus on bridal work, so I started Tricia Clarke Makeup in the summer of 2013. I was fortunate to have a close friend who had been working freelance for a while be patient and show me the ropes. In hindsight I can see how lucky I was to have her as a mentor, even though she's younger than me and makes fun of me when I call her that.

What would you have done differently?:
This was during a brief-ill advised dalliance with the dreaded contouring. The shade I used under her cheekbone is a little too warm, and I should have blended it more.

Photographer Credit & Info:
Betsi Ewing was the photographer. She is insanely talented, her weddings in Joshua Tree are stunning and she is a true artist.

Jaycie Kurfess of Makeup By Jaycie deserves credit for holding my hand as I got my start as a freelancer.

Hair by Christina Crosthwaite

Thank you Tricia for this lovely showcase!:)

Hope you bridal artists found some inspiration for your June brides!