Did you know that the sun is responsible for more than 80% of premature aging? Sun exposure (and smoking) will cause a gal to look tore up and busted before her time. You don't want to look tore up and busted do you? I didn't think so. As a gal with sensitive skin and my crazy allergic reactions to chemical sunscreen, I too want to slow down the aging process but need something for my gentle, rosacea proned skin. Enter the Mychelle Dermecuticals Sunshield Sunscreen.

As you know, everyone who writes about skincare for Glossible is a licensed esthetician.

While I love this product for my sensitive skin, I gave this product to my esthetician partner in crime, Beth Kennerson, to see if her love for this product runs deep as mine.

So let's review the Mychelle Dermacuteicals Sun Sheild. It may be a mouthful to say, but read on while we tell you about this lovely sunscreen that seriously is the most affordable anti-aging product on the market.

Chemical-free protection with ZinClear™ and Titanium Dioxide to shield against UV damage.

Vegan friendly, gluten free, recommended for ALL SKIN TYPES.

Unscented, environmentally-safe, full spectrum UVA/UVB sun defense that offers powerfully effective protection, yet is gentle enough for infants* and non-irritating near the eyes.

Translucent Zinc and Titanium Dioxides provide a safe alternative to harsh chemical sunscreens.

Mychelle Sunscreen Review
Mychelle Sunscreen Review
  • Skincare dedicates who value protecting themselves from cancers and photo-aging.
  • Anyone with sensitive skin.
  • Anyone allergic to chemical sunscreen.
  • Anyone who dislikes the look of the white undertone of most zinc based sunscreens.
  • All ages
  • All races
  • All folks who want to slow down the aging process. I think this means everyone, yes?
  • Perfect to use before applying your makeup. It almost could double as a face primer. Almost.

Theoretically, supplementing sunscreen with vitamin and mineral rich serums boost the body’s natural defense against free radical formation.


In other words, serums, vitamins and all that stuff is good for your skin...and helps your skin fight the good fight. Free radicals breakdown cells causing skin to look old and busted.

Basically, it keeps you from aging. That's all you really wanted to know, right?

Side note: We know this is a personal preference, but we both loved the way it smells. You'll especially love it if you like the smell of coconut. Reminds us of that day on the beach when we used to chase hot boys.

  • #365, rain or shine, and safe to use after waxing.
  • Apply and wait 5 minutes before applying makeup products.
  • Keep in your car if you have a convertible.
  • Great to use over makeup. Just stipple on the skin and then touch up with powder if desired.
  • *For use on children, NO: retinyl palmitate or chemical UV absorbers such as oxybenzone and PABA.

Sunscreen is the most valuable and (inexpensive) anti-aging product available, period.

Due to its micron size particles, ZinClear™ offers exceptional transparency in cosmetic use. What does that mean to you? You don't get the white residue that typical zinc sunscreens have. Amazeballs!

The sheerer and lighter an spf is, the better we like it– any formulation that encourages layering this final (and critical) step is one we love.

We can’t complain – the formula was test driven multiple times by our brown skinned gal Beth, so we can confidently share that no ‘joker’ side effects will be experienced. In other words, my sister girls will love it.

And for the record, yes, girl, you need sunscreen too!

Sonia & Beth