Makeup Forever has somewhat of a cool idea going on in terms of really addressing the issue of  shitty yellow and orange foundation on the market these days. If anyone who knows me on social media hears my cry for help. I have had to resort to making my own correctors and neutralizers over the last year because clearly cosmetic companies have their heads up their fucking ass. I'm sure I will get a lot of hate mail over that statement. Whatever, you want honest reviews, right?

Makeup Forever claims you can refine, smooth and even out your skin tone and texture by using these primers and neutralizers as part of their "Skin Equalizer" system. I won't lie. I was really, REALLY friggin' excited to think maybe someone has finally woken up to the needs of women everywhere.....'cause clearly cosmetic companies have been listening to the wrong people about what to make next over the last 6 years.

While in Sephora buying all my goodies, I saw about 3 girls staring at the display like this.....

makeup forever skin equalizer review

While a pro like me understands it, leave it to the suits in marketing to make something even more confusing for women to grasp and understand…(and who can argue with a giraffe?) 

So, I decided to research a little more after I got the product home to be sure I wasn't missing something. I found this video.

Ok easy right? Now. Let's get down to the review. Ready? Man, I better lock my door and tell the security guard to not let anyone past the gates....


WHAT IT DOES: Basically in a nutshell you should be able to correct any skin texture “issues” you  have and correct skin tone with the use of these products. Here is the breakdown.

>>Mattifying Primer: This is for those of you who want to get rid of that dreaded shine. You know,  that shit that makes your instagram photos look like Studio 54. (If you don’t know what that means, google it).  Claims that it combats excess oil to ensure a matte makeup result..and instantly reduces pore size…and control it all day long.

My findings? This product DOES NOT reduce your pore size.....repeat after me...IT WILL NOT REDUCE YOUR PORE SIZE (I say this because the girl at Sephora swore to me it would) I did get into a slight tit for tat with her but I didn't force the issue. She was sweet as she could be so I wasn't mad at her for giving it the good old college try.

This product may reduce the appearance of pores but nothing will actually shrink them. Well not this product anyway. So don't believe the fluff from the girls at Sephora. 
In terms of reducing the appearance of pores on my very oily skin model, I didn’t see any noticeable difference. I will say it didn't hurt but it wasn't some OMG HOLY GRAIL product that made me jump thru hoops. The Clinque Pore Minimizer does a better job.

As far as controlling shine, well, that comes from the health of skin, not a product in a bottle. So for me, it doesn't impress me too much.

Overall Grade: C-

>>Smoothing Primer: Claims it instantly fills and blurs imperfections for silky soft skin and  minimizes pores, wrinkles and fine lines. Claims that skin looks resurfaced and smooth all day.

Well it did do a nice job making the skin look beautiful, ON ALREADY NICE SKIN, but you have to prep the skin before you can make these claims in my humble opinion.

I added this primer to some really unexfoliated skin and didn’t really see any difference but it was better than using nothing. 

However, if I use this product on properly cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated skin, it did do a pretty nice job. But I didn’t notice the makeup wearing any longer on my model. I don't use primers for longevity, I use primers for exactly what they say. To PRIME. Longevity is really once again about the health of the overall skin.

Overall Grade: C+

Side note: Ladies, if your skin is fucked up, this primer isn’t gonna help you.Get on a better skin care routine and then use this in addition if you really wanna try this product. But if you are feeling frustrated that primers in general are not the holy grail you expect, take a look at your skin routine. Listen to your mamma kitten....I have no reason to lie to you. Mmmmkay?

>>Hydrating Primer: This was my favorite of the primers as I did like the texture of the product.

With that said, I still had to use prepping product on my over 40 client. Alone it’s worthless, but in addition to other skin care products it was pretty good.

I did notice some plumping of the skin but by itself it was average at best. Together with some of my Japanese skin care products, it was fine.  When the skin is dehydrated it needs all the help it can get. However when I used any of these primer alone none of these primers are any better or worse than other products out there so that's my only opinion really. 

Overall Grade: B+

>>Nourishing Primer: They say this instantly replenishes dry and dehydrated skin as well as antioxidants to protect from the elements. Great. I do like the antioxidant angle and I did like the feel of this on dry skin.

My subject this day was a woman in her late 50’s and it did a pretty nice job of giving her that extra kick of moisture.  When it came to applying the foundation however, I didn’t notice makeup going on any better or worse from it. I think it adds more of a sensorial feel than actually adding anything miraculous,  which is fine.

If you are a die hard Makeup Forever fan and you need something for your kit for your dry,  over 40 beauties, this may be one to consider.

Overall Grade: B.

>>Redness Correcting Primer: As someone with a slight case of rosacea, I have a very strong opinion about this one. My mom said if you didn’t have anything nice to say about something don’t say it at all. This product doesn’t even deserve a review. I will leave it at that.

Now it's time to equalize the tone. 

Makeup Forever claims that:

RADIANT PRIMERS instantly color correct according to skin tone giving what looks like new bare skin. These tailored equalizers transform radiance levels and bring more hydration
and light to the face. Formulated with our blend of Spectraflex® pigments to neutralize imperfections and banish dullness, Radiant Primers give immediate radiance and even skin tone for a flawless makeup all day long.
Find your Radiant Primer color:
6. Cool Pink: for  yellow fair skin
7. Blue: for yellow red fair skin
8. Peach: for  fair skin
9. Yellow: for tanned skin
10. Caramel: for dark skin
11. Mauve: for yellow dark skin

The colors were actually interesting:

Ya'll kittens know I gotta be honest, right? Sorry Makeup Forever....

I gotta tell you…This is fuckery at it’s finest. I was so hopeful that maybe, JUST MAYBE, Makeup Forever had actually done something pretty miraculous. Instead, just left me angry I spent all this money on something that didn’t even work. 

Why didn't it work? Once you put poor undertone foundations on top of color corrected skin, (yes Makeup Forever I'm talking to you..and all your other pals!) what's the point? If you started with the damn right color undertone foundation to begin with you wouldn't need all this shit. 

But in all sincerity, those of you who know me know I always say “How can you put 3.5 billion women” into 24 foundation colors? You can’t. But neither can these correctors and equalizers. Why? Because anything you put on top will just waste all your hard earned effort.

Eh…Save your money folks..while the concept is fabulous, the products themselves are hype at best.

I’m sure I will need to lock all my doors tonight because the Makeup Mafia will be out to get me.

Nice try Makeup Forever. Nice try.

Stay smart!