Real Weddings: Anna's Wedding Day Photos

Real Weddings: Anna's Wedding Day Photos

Last month I had the privilege to work with one of the sweetest, kindhearted gals in the universe. I don't know why I love my Asian gals as much as I do, but I just do. It's kind of like, why do you like the color purple? Ya just do.

Today's wedding story is about Anna.

Anna is a teacher and friend of one of my favorite brides from 2010, Joyce Ko Kim, or who I affectionately call "JKK". I adopted JKK and her family back in 2010 on the wedding day (or they adopted me, I don't know which). JKK's whole family is so very special to me and hold a very dear place in my heart. So when I knew Anna was as a recommendation from JKK, I knew she was good peeps.

As usual, the day started off fun & fabulous. Anna even had good peeps in her wedding party! We all laughed, giggled and drank but the party got even better when celebrity rock star  Kenny Nakai showed up!
(If ya'll don't know how much I love me some Kenny, let me state for the record, he is amaze balls! Not only is he super talented but he is the NICEST human being I know. Get to know him! Or better yet, BOOK HIM IMMEDIATELY!)

Let me stop blabbing and enjoy the gorgeous slideshow Kenny put together.


I kept Anna's makeup very classic and natural so she will love her photos for years to come. (I loved the shot with the balloons, don't you?)

Dear Anna,
I adore you and I wish you & your husband ALL the happiness in the world. Your kindness and good heart is so appreciated in more ways than one. You are one of the brides that truly keep me in the business of weddings. It’s gals like you that make it all worth while.