Best Makeup Books for Makeup Artists

education makeup books Nov 25, 2018

As a young makeup artist back in the late 80's, early 90's, there was no such thing as YouTube. I'm secretly happy about that.

Why? Because to get published back then, you had to be credible. No fake news! (sorry, I had to!)

Today, anyone (myself included) can be a publisher and “expert” on any subject. As we are seeing, that isn't always a good thing.

If you're looking for solid, no bullshit information, here is my list of some of the best books for makeup artists. If you're an aspiring professional makeup artist, this post is for you!

The books I am going to share with you today are masterful. Juicy. Inspiring. Full of wonderful tips and techniques that no matter how old the information is, they are the “foundation” (pun intended) of your learning experience. 

While many of these books are old, the information in them is gold.

Sorry, I know reading is difficult in a fast-paced digital world, but I promise, if you read a little each night before bed, you will be so happy you did.


Anything from Kevyn Aucoin:
(cult favorites)

  1. Making Faces
  2. The Art of Makeup
  3. Face Forward

Anything from Bobbi Brown:
(Always classic and on trend)

  1. Makeup Manual
  2. Pretty Powerful
  3. Living Beauty
  4. Beauty Rules
  5. Bobbi Brown Beauty: The Ultimate Resource
  6. Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty
  7. Everything Eyes

Anything from Sam Fine:

  1. Beauty Basics & Beyond for African American Women
  2. Fine: The Basics of Beauty

Anything by Way Bandy:
(some of my favorites)

  1. Styling Your Face
  2. Designing Your Face

Anything by Robert Jones:
(solid info in all his books.)

  1. Makeup Masterclass
  2. Makeup Makeovers
  3. Makeup Makeovers Beauty Bible
  4. Makeup Makeovers: Weddings
  5. Looking Younger: Makeovers that Make You Look as Young as You Feel

Anything by Iman:

  1. The Beauty of Color
  2. I am Iman (while this isn't really geared for makeup artists, it's a great read if you're wanting to get into fashion.)

Anything Jemma Kidd:

  1. Makeup Secrets
  2. Makeup Masterclass

Anything Trish McEvoy:

  1. The Power of Makeup

Lisa Eldridge:

  1. Face Paint-The Story of Makeup

Anything Laura Mercier:

  1. The New Beauty Secrets

Dita Von Teese:
(if you love retro glam)

  1. Your Beauty Mark

Color Theory:

  1. Color Theory for Makeup Artists
  2. On Color

Makeup Biographies:

  1. Max Factor-A Glamorous History
  2. Max Factor-The Man Who Changed the World
  3. Kevyn Aucoin-A Beautiful Life
  4. Makeup Man
  5. Paul Blaisdell-Monster Makeup
  6. Star Trek Beyond-The Makeup Artistry of Joel Harlow

Other notable mentions:

  1. Makeup is Art
  2. About Face-Scott Barnes

These books will erase all the bad things you may have learned in today's social media filled world. They are truly an investment into your future.

Check back often as we add books as we read them.


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