What's with all the attitude?

Are you sick and tired of the attitude you get from potential clients who push back on your rates? You know, when you get emails that say “Sorry, you’re too expensive” but then they try and give you some sort of guilt trip or attitude because you won’t give them a deal?

Yea, me, too.

Right before I opened my makeup studio in 2008, I was sick of those questions, too. We all need to charge a living wage to keep a roof over our heads, right? So I took matters into my own hands and did a complete shift in my biz.

Here’s how I did it:

1. When it came to my biz, I wanted to serve the clients who valued me as a human, first and foremost.

I then wanted to serve the clients that I truly enjoyed. I got really focused on my Ideal Client and I'm still as obsessed with my ideal client to this day.  When you find your ideal clients, they will never say “You’re too expensive”.

Do you know who your ideal client is? (sign up for when Ideal Client Opens Back Up)

2. I got super clear in my marketing messages to my ideal client.

When you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to NO ONE. To draw in my Ideal Client, I created very specific marketing messages that spoke ONLY to them. I showcased what made me different.

3. When it came to setting my rates, I also had to rely on very specific marketing messages that told people why I was worth it.

The number one reason artists have a hard time getting their worth is because they haven’t told potential clients why they’re worth it. So, what makes you worth it? Do you know? If not, it’s time to get focused and crystal clear.

4. I don’t let potential clients “guilt trip” me into a “discount”.

Listen, I dunno about you, but my livelihood and the livelihood of my team DEPENDS on my numbers.

I know exactly how many jobs I need to book each week and I know how much I need to make to be profitable and grow my biz. The reality is, so many people try to manipulate you or even worse, make you FEEL BAD for being expensive in their eyes.

Just because it’s expensive to them, doesn’t mean it’s expensive to someone else. Some people drive luxury cars, because they want to and they figure out a way to afford them. People will pay for what they VALUE. It's an allocation of funds based on priorities.

Bottom line? Don’t apologize for your art or your rates. (Work in bridal? Need to determine what your rates should be? Sign up for Setting Your Bridal Makeup Rates.)

5. Let the asshole comments roll off your back like water on a duck, and keep it moving!

The reality is, you’re going to get all kinds of people inquiring about your rates as well as some real asshats who are going to give you attitude.

But listen here. Not all clients are your client. And that’s ok. Save the energy for the clients who WANT to do business with you.


You’re Too Expensive Email Template:

Here’s a little free email template I wrote for you to copy and paste when someone tries to undermine you with guilt, attitude, and general overall douchebaggery.

Feel free to use this template as often as you need. Short and sweet wins the race (Unlike most of my emails! HA!).

“Dear Client,

Thank you for your email and feedback about my rates.

I understand everyone has a budget, unfortunately I don’t offer any discounts as this is how I earn my full time living to support my family.

In any event, I would still love to be a part of your wedding day. If you want, we can get you in for a makeup trial, and we can create a beautiful look that’s uniquely you. What days and times work for you? Send me 3 dates and times that work and I will work around your schedule.

If, however, my rates aren’t in line with your budget as they are, I completely understand. If you ever need services in the future or if you can’t find an artist in your budget that does a good job and is sanitary with their kit, feel free to reach out to see if I’m still available.

Best wishes for your wedding day!

Your Name

Let’s be honest. People are gonna be fuckfaces, that’s true. However, the key is to keep it moving, gain the confidence you need to set your rates like a boss, and be exceptional at your craft.

In closing, don’t let anyone make you feel bad for wanting to earn a living or make you doubt your abilities as an artist. Just keep your nose to the grindstone, educate yourself daily on your biz, practice your ass off and earn that living you and your family deserve.

Now go out there and kick some ass,


P.S. Setting Your Bridal Makeup Rates launches this fall! Don’t forget to sign up for the class. It’s gonna knock your socks off! :)

About Sonia

Hey, britches! I'm Sonia Roselli, Chicago makeup artist and creator of Glossible and Glossischool.

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