"Glossible has completely changed the way I run my business. Sonia’s tough love approach encouraged me to really target the brides I want and my business is more fulfilling and profitable than ever before."

Tricia Clarke
Makeup Artist

Chelsea Caddick

Sonia's course on Finding Your Ideal Client was monumental in my business. I can't believe in a few short weeks how much my business has grown and I have also grown independently. I recommend this course to anyone that is willing to put in some work to see MAJOR change in their business.

Meghan Barbour

Through this course, Sonia has given me the tools I need to run my bridal business to its maximum potential.  I am slowly starting to implement what I have learned and am seeing results already. Thank you for making things clear and easy for someone like me who isn’t tech or business savvy. 

Lisa Lipsitz

I have been a makeup artist for 20 years and a business owner for 15. Sonia's class has given me the clear and precise steps to take my business to the next level in a very clear and precise manor. I highly recommend this class and everything else from Sonia!

Rachel Jordan
Spokane, WA

This class took all the pieces that I'd been struggling to put together and made them into a step-by-step process I could get ahold of. I feel like I know not only WHO my ideal client is, but WHAT will attract them to my services. I have the tools to find out directly what is important to the CLIENTS I want to attract. As a mom of a little one, it was an easy class to listen to and absorb while running a busy life. I highly recommend you make the time to take this class, even if it's just a few minutes a day, and get your questions answered about how to find and market to YOUR ideal client.

"Success isn't a coincidence.

Here you understand the how behind the what and why. Wherever you are on this planet you will get a powerful key to build and refine your position as an expert in your market to the clients you want to serve and to adapt to changing parameters to get and to stay on top of your personal success. It all starts with this class and it is worth every penny no matter the price tag because the knowledge you will gain is priceless and will serve you well for the rest of your life. Return of investment happened instantly as a direct consequence of this class for me. The smartest decision I made for my business since I started. My trust, love and respect for Sonia and her amazing team is not expressible in words."

Katrin Levi
Makeup Artist

Jennifer Pitt

Finding your Ideal Client was such a great investment. I had been struggling to try and secure as many clients as possible and feeling unsatisfied in the end. Once I learned the techniques of attracting my ideal client, I found that I was getting more inquiries from those requesting the creative style I loved, and in the end I had more enjoyable experiences working with those clients.

Sonia gives you step-by-step instructions to help you recognize what changes you must do to attract your ideal client, and how to deflect clients that make you question why you picked this career. This class is an investment that will have you revisiting the curriculum as you grow and hone your best clients.

Nika Ambrožič

When you finish makeup school, you're so of thrown to the sharks. Here's your brush, here's your lipstick, now go and make a living! You don't realise how necessary business skills are until you're sitting on the floor of your flat, eating your cup noodles and wondering where things went wrong with something you love so much. I wanted to take Sonia's class for two reasons: first, because most of the time I felt like I was flailing about trying to service everyone in the bridal business and ended up serving no one. And second, because Glossible has been the single most valuable and reliable information source in my professional career. Thank you, Sonia, for helping me find love for my clients that I always knew was there hiding, and the courage to reach out to the brides that will value my hard work.

Glossible helped me...

Erica Colon

Excel my business, know my worth and be firm with my clients. Also that less is more when it comes to makeup. For a while there I thought because I didn't do "Instagram & YouTube" makeup I would never make it. But then I found these wonderful groups with other amazing artists that specialize in enhancing a client's natural beauty and not making them look like everyone else.

Ryan Cauilan

By finding like minded artists with knowledge and passion to deliver the best possible services. Also I’ve learned a lot just by browsing the posts not just about how to be a makeup artist but how to be my best makeup artist as an individual and as a business.

Jean Lee

Get my shit together, and have the confidence to take my business to the next level. Sonia Roselli, you and this group have been so inspiring!

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